I am a Muslim Series: Diligence and Sharing with Others


An Islamic series of stories consisting of 5 stories that work to strengthen the relationship of the Muslim generation with the Holy Qur’an, the Book of God (Glory be to Him) and His Messenger (may God’s prayers and peace be upon him), the last of the prophets and messengers, and teach them everything related to moral and behavioral values, etc. in an attractive narrative style supported by distinctive images and accessible and fully formed texts. It enhances the child’s reading skill.

This series has been prepared to help parents in guiding and guiding their children, and contributing to their upbringing, by telling short stories that are easy to understand and assimilate their content. The language of familiarity and love was adopted in this book, which was embodied in the mother’s dealings with her two sons, Ahmed and Sarah, to be a role model in teaching the guidance of children, in addition to some daily supplications that they must learn, and valuable information that enables them to recall what they have learned, not to mention a mini dictionary.

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