In a world that highly values education, the quest for top-notch Arabic storybooks and reliable resources here in Singapore often comes with challenges. We confront the reality that finding Arabic literature capable of captivating and educating young minds is no easy task. It’s from this realisation that our mission emerges, driven by a passion to revolutionise the learning landscape for young minds in our community.

Having personally faced this scarcity, our journey led us across continents and cultures. During our studies in Jordan – the heartland of Arab culture and language – we stumbled upon a treasure trove of educational Arabic storybooks, teeming with captivating narratives. These books seamlessly melded the art of storytelling with the beauty of the Arabic language. It was within Jordan’s bookstores that our vision crystallised – the vision to bridge the divide between quality Arabic literature and our Singaporean community.


The founder, a Yarmouk University graduate from Jordan with a foundation in Islamic theology, recognised the immense potential within these Arabic storybooks held. Armed with a profound grasp of the importance of nurturing a reading passion and cultivating an admiration for Arabic Language, the journey to bring these invaluable resources back to our homeland commenced.

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