The Arabic Alphabet For Kids


As parents we often wonder when is the best time to start our children’s tajweed journey. Why not teach them from the very beginning so they don’t have to correct their mistakes later on in life. Here to help you we have lovingly designed an engaging and fun Arabic Alphabet book to help your child master the alphabet with the right articulation point (makharij).

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In this Arabic Alphabet for kids you will find:

  • One alphabet covered on each page to help them identify the letter with a colouring activity

  • A spot and colour activity to help with familiarisation of the letter

  • The letter forms shown to help your child understand the letter comes in different forms

  • A colouring page for the articulation point to help them pronounce the letter correctly

  • A tracing page to help them visually memorise the letter

The words found in the workbook are examples from the Quran allowing your children familiarise themselves with words from the Quran.

We would love to see your little ones fall in love with reciting the Quran with our hands on and engaging resources!

Are you ready to begin this journey with your family?

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