What’s This?


What Is This? Early Arabic Readers is a perfect book to take your first steps in reading, using short, simple, repetitive sentences. Using words taken from the Quran, this delightful guessing book is fun and interactive. Encouraging you to actively engage in the questions and answers. With vibrant illustrations and large font, What Is This is an incredibly effective method to improve your reading skills and grow in confidence.

Peek through the looking glass, can you guess them all?

Why not start early and use this book to introduce simple and useful Arabic sentences to your toddler or preschooler.  Learn Arabic through an interactive story.

What is This / ما هذا is a bilingual, dual language picture book.  That can be enjoyed in both English and Arabic. And versatile enough to used in the classroom or  at home. With over 44 pages, there are plenty of opportunities to practice your Arabic reading skills and learn important Arabic vocabulary, that enables your child to understand Arabic and the Quran a little bit better.

  • Paperback: 44 pages
  • Publisher:Tarbiyah Islamiyyah
  • Author: Umm Sumayyah Quan
  • Language:English/Arabic
  • Product Dimensions: 21 cm x 21 cm

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